Quality charter

1. Guaranteeing the quality of cares and technical skills specific to top-level sports osteopathy treatments. Standardizing the techniques as to guarantee the security of osteopathic treatments given to the sportspeople.

2. Guaranteeing the quality of the training courses in sports osteopathy.
Teachers from schools approved by the AIOS should have had a work experience with top sportspeople and teaching.

3. Following up the training courses in sports osteopathy.

4. The training courses approved by the AIOS committee will ne the only supported and recommended.

5. Exchange of our skills, competences and experiences on national and international athletes.

6. Osteopaths, members of the AIOS, should have or have had a work experience in top sports.

7. Gathering osteopaths whose activity is concerned by sports.

8. Defending osteopathy to sports authorities so as to give osteopaths an important place within medical teams in national and international clubs.

9. When in a sports structure or on a sporting event, members of the AIOS should practise osteopathy only.