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You are a practising osteopath.

You have already attended training courses on top athletes.

Then send your application and fill in the form below. Your request will be passed on to the AIOS Board of Directors to be studied.

You will be told their decision by email and if your requirement is accepted, you will receive a full file.

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Why should you join the AIOS?

First of all, the AIOS is an association which wishes to gather the osteopaths who work for regional, national and international sportswomen and men.

We want to promote and perpetuate sport osteopathy of high quality and guarantee the security of patients as well as of administrations.

We wish to share our knowledge and skills acquired through experiences with top athletes.
Our commitment is to get the best services from our partners.

We want to create a high quality label which responses to the needs of top sportswomen and sportsmen.

We want to help osteopaths get to regional, national and international sports clubs.

What are the methods for getting members of the AIOS ?

Before applying, make sure you can prove:

  • Your belonging to an osteopathy organization representative in your country.
  • You were trained or qualified by a school or centre approved by the AIOS.
  • You are covered by a PLI (Professional Liability Insurance).

What is the members’ status?

Active members :
Osteopaths who own a specific certificate in sport osteopathy approved by the AIOS committee or whose experience in this subject allowed them to get the AIOS agreement by the committee.

Honorary members :
People who agree with our objectives and are concerned by the AIOS activities.

  • Retired osteopaths who were granted this position by the Board of Directors considering their career.
  • Members on temporary leave.
  • Honorary members are convened to all General Meetings and do not have the right to vote.

Members who work abroad
Osteopaths working out of France, belonging to an organization representative in the foreign country of an osteopathy respectful of our values, goals and objectives, qualified by a school or a training course approved by the AIOS committee.

All members must respect the ethic, goals and objectives of the AIOS.

Necessary documents to give after agreement by the Board of Directors

  • 1 photo for the member card.
  • 1 CV.
  • 1 application letter.
  • 1 copy of osteopath certificate.
  • 1 copy of your training or qualification certificate in sports osteopathy approved by the AIOS.
  • Your annual 50 € subscription.