Founder’s Message

The AIOS (International Osteopathic Sports Care Association) was founded by practitioners in top sports who wanted to gather all the osteopaths involved or interested in treating sport injuries.
Its aim is to collect and exchange skills, discuss and get interested in the education of osteopaths.

We think essential to turn to our colleagues from abroad to go on progressing and to enrich our savoir-faire.
Thanks to the numerous contacts I have made through my international experiences, I have assessed their interests in sharing their knowledge and in improving their techniques and services with us.

Our competences in top sports care are closely linked to education and I must admit that many training courses do not fit in what the students need. Too numerous teachers have no experience in osteopathic top sport cares and they offer trainings of low quality.
Treating people participating in sport is a difficult deed which admits no mediocrity.
Thanks to excessive advertisements, those training courses are filled up with students who hope to get a practice. But at the end they will not be able to differentiate themselves from thousands of new colleagues each year.
I do not approve those methods. Thanks to you and your involvement, the AIOS will give young osteopaths the advices they deserve about the different serious training courses.

We want our competences to be recognized by sport medical bodies. So we must offer a high quality sports care and our commitment in educational research.
That will be one of our fights.

Today, many relations have been made and we have planned several meetings. We will soon inform our fellow members about our significant progress.
We need your help: articles, papers or thesis about osteopathic medicine in sports. If you agree we will publish them on this site.

Thanks to all of you.
Georges Domingos