Who we are

Today numerous training courses and certifications in sports osteopathy have developed, especially in France. This why AIOS (International Sports Osteopathy Association) was born so as to allow professional osteopaths to get reliable tools and techniques specialized in top athletes.

Our objectives :

  • The first objective is to guarantee quality and knowledge of osteopathy specific techniques for sportswomen, sportsmen and particularly for top athletes.
  • The second objective is to promote, develop and help the Research in sports osteopathy, to approve the different training courses, skills, acts and methods.

Our goals :

  • Promoting sports osteopathy.
  • Gathering osteopaths working for regional, national and international sportswomen and men.
  • Offering their experiences and skills to different sports clubs and to sporting events organisers.
  • Together deciding on a quality charter for sports osteopaths.
  • Promoting and approving different trainings in sports osteopathy in France and abroad so as to get a performing teaching corresponding to the athletes’ needs and demands.
  • Creating a partnership with a maximum of French and foreign sports osteopathy associations, trade unions and federations.
  • From French and foreign sports authorities, getting an official status to sports osteopaths within medical teams.